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Saturday, March 21, 2009


March is a very special month. The month of new beginnings. For thirteen years, it was the month of final exams, followed by a short break (brown paper, labels, new books with that wonderful printing-ink smell), followed by the beginning of a new academic year (usually between the 15th and the 18th). Then, it became the month of the-last-few-classes, Dismissal Service, Grad-D and the beginning of prep leave. For a brief while, it was the beginning of a new fiscal. Now, it is the end of a semester and the beginning of prep leave again.

Always, of course, the end of winter, the beginning of spring, the start of a new cycle of seasons and so a new year.

Which is why this month is so special. To me, it will always, but always, be about a new beginning. I love every little bit about every little thing this month means. I love the flaming palash blossoms on trees, the vivid red and green leaves. I love the way the day begins with beautiful mellow sunshine which matures into fiery afternoon heat before gracefully giving way to breezy, picture-perfect evenings.

I love walking down the roads of North Campus, strewn with leaves, looking up occasionally into foliage that is at least seven different shades of green at a time. I love the sound of the birds hidden somewhere in that foliage. I love the hint of summer in the air. I love the slight prick of the heat on the nape of my neck, the relative emptiness of the streets in the afternoons, and the happy, buzzing energy in the evenings. I love how the world seems to be gearing up for the year ahead.

Something about this time of the year fills me with a strange sadness for all the things that have to be bid farewell. Then, there's a sudden burst of anticipation for all that is bound to come. Neither of these ever visits without the other. :)

Somewhere in the back of my mind, the thought of unfinished studying and pending assignments has permanent place. I suppose it's part of who I am now - I have associated the month with exams ever since I was five :) But the idea of having work to do at a time like this is exhilerating...who minds having to work if it's so glorious all over?? Something about March refuels me, fills me with energy I didn't even know I possessed.

Everything is fresh, vibrant and beautiful. If it wasn't all that great so far, well, it will be now. And if it has been good all along, it will get even better!

Walks become a religion about this time. I end up believing, wanting to believe...there's no way anyone can be otherwise when the world's so full of sunshine!

It's also the time of introspection, retrospection. Somehow, these are easier things to do when Nature's so kind...even when you're kicking yourself hard for mistakes, you realise you don't mind being kinder with your not-so-great side for having made them. March makes you feel so glad to be alive!

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